Results, Not Reports.

Consulting and Management

Delivering results through partnerships and process improvement.

Low Balance Solution

Organizations leave 1% in low balances – we can get it.

Priority Work Queue Management

We deliver account priority, not endless work lists.

Services Description

Consulting and Management

Colburn Hill offers a unique blend of activist consulting and proprietary, technology-enabled processes and solutions. We don’t do reports, we improve outcomes – not just projected benefits, but real, measureable, “in-the-door” improvements. And we don’t wait to complete a multi-month assessment process before pursuing that value – our hands-on approach delivers value from the outset.

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Low Balance Solution

Colburn Hill has developed a Low Balance Strategy using Big Data and Six-Sigma techniques to generate much more cash than hospitals typically get through factoring or traditional outsourcing of their low balance accounts. Using proprietary technology, we screen your old, low balance claims to distinguish the potentially collectible from those that should definitely be written-off. 100% of the potentially collectible accounts are then analyzed and rebilled.  Where appropriate, claims are adjusted-off using Robotic Process Automation.

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Priority Work Queue Management

Most workflow tools try to do too much, integrating with patient accounting systems, medical records, imaging, and bringing in 835 or other denials data. As a result, they are expensive to install, require significant training, and incur material ongoing maintenance costs. And despite all the bells and whistles, staff often use the workflow tool to find an account and then go back to the legacy systems, ignoring all the fancy workflow attributes. Our Priority workflow tool acknowledges how staff actually work and provides a simple interface to present an account and track activity. The simplicity reduces the installation and training effort while maintaining the ability to focus effort where it is most needed and manage productivity.

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Clean Claim Rates

Colburn Hill has developed an expedited method of diagnosing billing editor problems and revising processes, all while achieving a steady -- or declining -- denial rate. Our methodology gives your revenue cycle the hands-on support it requires to make significant improvements in Clean Claim performance, and to strike the right balance your in editing and billing efforts.​​​
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Denials Management

Colburn Hill executives have experience building denial management systems in a variety of provider settings, from community hospitals and small physician groups to multi-state chains. Because our processes provide clear insight on outcomes, we can identify failures and gaps, and because we supply consistent, reliable data we are able to win acceptance from outside stakeholders that leads to process changes and performance improvement.

Interim Management

Colburn Hill executives come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a mix of consultative and operational experience. They are equally comfortable managing line staff and working with line staff to solve detailed operational problems. Colburn Hill executives have functioned as permanent or part-time leaders in a variety of organizations, from community hospitals to Academic Medical Centers.

With a mix of line management and analytical skills, Colburn Hill executives make powerful change agents. They are able to step into fill short term gaps in your leadership team, but do so in a way that not just maintains performance, but actually enhances it. Results, not reports.